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Allianz Bulgaria
Insurance Company

The first private insurance company in Bulgaria after the democratic changes was established in 1991, former ZPAD Bulgaria, currently ZPAD Allianz Bulgaria. Within a brief period of time ZPAD Allianz Bulgaria /currently ZAD Allianz Bulgaria/ has established itself as the largest private insurance company in the country right after DZI. By the year 1997 the company became an indisputable leader in the Bulgarian insurance market.

By joining the Allianz SE, Munich - the German insurance giant in 1998, ZPAD Allianz Bulgaria opened a new page of its growth and development by providing superior European insurance services.

The company guarantees high quality services for all its customers and clients through its network of 42 general representative offices and over 100 representative offices all over the country.

Gross Premium Income
  Gross Premium Income Market share
2000 59 037 000 lv. 17.23%
2001 69 496 000 lv. 17.78%
2002 84 584 058 lv. 18.12%
2003 94 238 085 lv. 15.93%
2004 111 791 026 lv. 15.25%
2005 132 737 208 lv. 14.44%
2006 140 884 891 lv. 13.29%
2007 149 183 447 lv. 11.76%

Authorized Capital
Company's authorized capital amounts to BGN 18,030,000.00 (eighteen million and thirty thousand).

Main Shareholder
Allianz Bulgaria Holding AD

Management System
ZAD Allianz Bulgaria is operated under a two-tier management system consisting of a Board of Management and a Supervisory Board.

Supervisory Board
Atanas Tabov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Maksim Sirakov, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Elena Hristova
Dimitar Gaydarov

Board of Management
Plamen Yalamov, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Management
Orlin Penev, Executive Director and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management
Temenuga Nenova, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management
Atanas Yurukov, Executive Director
Kalin Kostov, Executive Director
Milen Dragnevsky, Executive Director

Company Representatives
Plamen Yalamov, Executive Director
Atanas Yurukov, Executive Director
Orlin Penev, Executive Director
Kalin Kostov, Executive Director

No and Date of Issue of Insurance License

Contact Us
Tel: ++359 2 9302101
Fax: ++359 2 9860810
Address: 59 Dondukov Blvd.
1504 Sofia
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